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Inauguration day!

A happy crowd of 40 people gathered on April 24 for the official inauguration : friends, neighbours, church people and representatives from the City’s Social Development Centre. There were actually even more people, some came uninvited out of curiosity, and because there was food! The local parish servant leader Val Palermo blessed the orphanage and the children present. And in his speech the Rev. Rey Francisco said: “To do this kind of work, one must have at least the gift of compassion! It is very rare to see people putting up an orphanage. We need many more Lornas to do this!”

Yet without the help of devoted friends from Estavayer le Lac, who have travelled with Lorna from the very beginning, believed in her and provided the financial resources, Lorna’s dream might not have materialized. The journey took longer than expected, but oh how greater the joy now that we have arrived ! Understanding of course, that we are just at the beginning!

The first supper!

In the Philippines, all's well that end's well...with a dance number!

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