The mission of Holy Trinity Open House (HTO) is to provide full residential care to street children and other most vulnerable children and to give them access to education, medical services, socio-cultural and recreational activities. The long term goal is to give the children the necessary tools in order for them to have concrete possibilities to become citizens who will have a positive impact in society.

«The HTO Foundation is serving the street children and orphans of Zamboanga. Thank you Lorna Haas and to all the people behind this mission, thank you for the work you do, for helping and nurturing these vulnerable children like they are your own.»
Beng Climaco, Mayor of Zamboanga City



The HTO Foundation Inc. has been registered in the Philippines in 2012. Its headquarters are in Zamboanga City.


The first Swiss association «HTO Zamboanga» was created in December 2014 and a new one has been created in January 2021. The board of the Swiss association works in partnership with the team in Zamboanga City to assure a smooth running of the home.



The board of HTO Switzerland :

Lorna Fe Haas (president)

Patricia Hofmann

Elsa Wagner

Claudien Chevrolet

​​Tax status of the Swiss HTO association

The board is currently waiting for the validation of their tax exempted status in the Canton of Fribourg.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information regarding the orphanage!