The mission of Holy Trinity Open House (HTO) is to provide full residential care to street children and other most vulnerable children and to give them access to education, medical services, socio-cultural and recreational activities. The long term goal is to give the children the necessary tools in order for them to have concrete possibilities to become citizens who will have a positive impact in society.

«The HTO Foundation is serving the street children and orphans of Zamboanga. Thank you Lorna Haas and to all the people behind this mission, thank you for the work you do, for helping and nurturing these vulnerable children like they are your own.»
Beng Climaco, Mayor of Zamboanga City




The HTO Foundation Inc. has been registered in the Philippines in 2012. Its headquarters are in Zamboanga City.


The first Swiss association «HTO Zamboanga» was created in December 2014 and a new one has been created in January 2021. The board of the Swiss association works in partnership with the team in Zamboanga City to assure a smooth running of the home.



The board of HTO Switzerland :

  • Lorna Fe Haas, president and founder of the foundation

  • Patricia Hofmann, fundraising officer

  • Elsa Wagner, student in business law

  • Claudien Chevrolet, theologian on ecclesial mission

  • Andreas Neil Dutli, SME and individual developer 

  • Mariam Haas, assistant educator in child care​

​​Tax status of the Swiss HTO association

According to the decision of the Canton of Fribourg, Holy Trinity House is exempted from tax and is considered of public utility from July 15 2021. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information regarding the orphanage!


The Zamboanga Staff


Lorna Haas, founder, with Zamboanga City Mayor Beng Climaco

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Certification of Accreditation by the Department of Social Welfare and Development in the Philippines

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From left to right: Joselito Debil (utility personnel), Gloria Sabayton (houseparent), Ronalou Cometa (educator) and Nancy Bonoan (houseparent)   Photo on right: Belinda Tagbar, social worker

Joselito is in charge of the general maintenance of the house. He repairs, does the grocery shopping, helps with daily chores, and oversees that all the technical and logistical aspects of the house are in order. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, he is in charge of going back and forth from the public school and the orphanage to bring the educational modules prepared for by the governement for homeschooling. The houseparents Gloria (whom everyone loves to call "Pong") and Nancy assist the children in their daily chores and everyday activities, but are also there to give a motherly and reassuring presence. Ronalou is a teacher by profession and comes in everyday at the orphanage since the pandemic to give lessons. In Zamboanga, the Community Quarantine has lasted a year now and all students were not able to go back to school physically. Ronalou helps our 23 children succeed and graduate in their respective years while distance learning. Our social worker Belinda works with us only partially at the moment since moving around has been a lot more limited and controlled also because of quarantine rules. We are also hoping to find funds to hire another full time social worker.